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I'm late, sorry, I just seen I received an answer.

On Tue, 29 Dec 2015 13:23:44 +0100, Ramana Kumar <ramana at member.fsf.org>  

> On 29 December 2015 at 08:41, Yannick <yannick_duchene at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> Hi people out there, I'm new here.
>> May be my mind is buggy, I was sure to recall there was an OpenTheory  
>> reader/writer for Coq. Now looking at  
>> http://>>www.gilith.com/research/opentheory/ , I can't see it.
> You might be thinking of Holide. There is a link at  
> http://dedukti.gforge.inria.fr/, but it seems to be 404 at the moment.  
> >Ask the authors?
> Another possibility is  
> https://www.lri.fr/~keller/Recherche/hollightcoq.html, but I think it's  
> only one-way (and not the >direction you need).

Thanks for the pointers, I will follow these tracks later.

>> I know there is a reader for Isabell/HOL. Unfortunately, I'm rather  
>> looking for a proof environment with a writer, as I >>bother about  
>> saving proofs.
> I am interested in producing a writer for Isabelle/HOL eventually (some  
> time over the next year hopefully). It could be >good to combine efforts.

I would be glad (modulo the time I could give it), just keep in mind I'm  
neither a professor nor even a student. I know HOL, and LCF intuitively,  
also a bit their history and how they are related (how LCF led to HOL) and  
know SML well enough. If you believe that's enough to be useful, then why  
not …

> Writing proofs in HOL4 or HOL Light is not as frightening as you might  
> think :)

Just started reading the HOL4 tutorial (I finally opted for HOL4 over HOL  
Light), I will see. I just though I may use a wrapper to be able so step  
forward and backward in a source, like CoqIDE do. If I do so, I will tell  
(oops, HOL4 related, not OpenTheory, I'm a bit out of topic).

>> That's about the picture. If possible, I would prefer to use Coq, just  
>> only if it can writes OpenTheory files.
> If you work in a restricted subset of Coq, it may be possible to create  
> a translation from Coq's proof terms to OpenTheory >format. It might be  
> worth looking into that, if you're interested. Let me know.

I just can say the same as above: if you believe I'm able to, I may.

Yannick Duchêne

Yannick Duchêne
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