[opentheory-users] extracting intermediate theorems

Ramana Kumar Ramana.Kumar at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sun Dec 21 05:31:19 UTC 2014

Hi Joe,

On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Joe Leslie-Hurd <joe at gilith.com> wrote:

> > Show me the intermediate (i.e. unexported) theorems that arise when
> running
> > an article.
> No, unfortunately not. The best it can do is tell you *how many*
> theorems are generated, by using the --inference option.
> Did you have any thoughts on a way to present intermediate theorems to the
> user?

What would be useful to me is if I could search for intermediate theorems
with a pattern. I'd guess you'd rather stay away from specifying parsing of
such patterns. I wouldn't mind, however, writing my pattern as OpenTheory
article commands for creating a term. I'd then like to get back all
intermediate theorems that match.

>  > Create an article that exports a previously unexported theorem, taking
> an
> > existing article as input.
> Also no I'm afraid.

That's a pity. Would it be hard to add? Presuming we solve the problem
above of specifying an intermediate theorem.

I guess for the moment I can get around this by using a custom reader that
looks for the theorem I want and cuts off the article as soon as it finds
it (and adds on an export). It would be nice if the opentheory tool had
enough features to support this itself, but maybe it's a little outside
your design goals? On the other hand, I think a good suite of powerful
manipulations on OpenTheory packages for a variety of purposes would help

>  > Minimise an article for what is required for a particular theorem (I
> think
> > the answer here is yes, by creating a package with the desired theorem
> and
> > then asking for an article for it to be generated...?)
> Indeed. Suppose article foo.art exports a set of theorems containing a
> theorem T of interest, then you can create an article bar.art that
> proves T by axiom, and then run
> echo 'a { article: "foo.art" } main { import: a article: "bar.art" }'
> | opentheory info --article -o baz.art theory:-
> to get a minimal article baz.art proving T.

Great, thanks.
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