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Mon Mar 19 11:52:49 UTC 2012

Could you briefly explain it?

> =A0- my articles always leave tonnes of stuff on the stack because they j=
> def everything... is there an efficient algorithm for only deffing things
> you'll actually use (and maybe removing them after you won't any more)?

I don't think it's worth being super clean for "temporary articles"
used in cloud tactics. The opentheory tool does a clean up of "archive
articles" as part of installing theories to your local opentheory

> =A0- probably lots of obvious things I'm doing less nicely than is possib=

There are many people in the world who are more of a Haskell expert
than me, but one thing that jumps out at me is that most of your
top-level declarations don't have type declarations, which are good
compiler-checked documentation.



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