[opentheory-users] opentheory tool unhandled exception

Joe Hurd joe at gilith.com
Wed Sep 7 06:03:20 UTC 2011

Hi Ramana,

This isn't the intended behavior. I had some debug exception handling
code in that may have been affecting matters - this is now fixed and
pushed, so please pull and try again.

I assume you're using the development version, but what platform (ML
compiler and OS) are you using?



On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Ramana Kumar <ramana.kumar at gmail.com> wrote:
> % opentheory list
> unhandled exception: SysErr: No such file or directory [noent]
> with history:
>        PosixFileSys.opendir $(SML_LIB)/basis/posix/file-sys.sml 61.14
>        Directory.checkReposDirectory src/Directory.sml 47.7
>        Directory.mk src/Directory.sml 162.5
>        fn src/opentheory.sml 199.7
>        list src/opentheory.sml 2270.5
>        <main>
> Although I don't expect to have any theories around to list, I also
> would expect to get an empty list or at least have the exception
> handled and printed as something more informative...
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